Our Volunteer Staff

Greetings, My name is Michael Malone i am the current editor and director of this website as well as designer, technician and champion of the cause. I hope to be adding others to the administrative staff, and their profiles will appear here too.

Michael has been a student of qigong since 1986, studied Chi-Lel with master Luke Chan in 1988, and has been teaching his own unique blending of self healing practices since 1995.

His BS in Psychology (U.F. 1989) with a focus on cognitive development was a large part of his formative experience. His passion for sharing awareness of the subtle intricacies of our consciousness makes him uniquely qualified as a teacher of qigong. With several valuable years experience in consensus decision making in an intentional community setting, Michael is also a graduate of the "Meditattion Instructor & Energy Healing" Program from NCSNH (2001 North Carolina School of Natural Healing). A student of master Zhongxian Wu (multiple lineage holder) Michael has studied with many qigong masters including Richard Leirer, Dirk Oellibrandt, Mingtong Gu, and Foo Wei Zohong. Michael has also studied Asian energy anatomy with Genie Hardee, creator of Hardeework Integrative Ecclectic Shiatsu.

Michael is a capable teacher of a multidisciplinary movement science called qigong (energy cultivation) which comprises both attitudes and techniques that contribute to our ability to focus the attention. Daily practice of qigong can enhance our sense of well being, intelligence, longevity, and overall self actualization. Qigong is a science of enlightenment that makes up the part of the foundation of a multicultural field of esoteric sciences which all agree whith the latest assertions of quantum physics, that in subtle and sometimes gross and plodding ways, we do each literally create our own realities.